Gunsmith Services Clean and oil customer firearm Consisting of completely stripping firearm, cleaning all parts, checking for wear and making suggestions to customer of services needed to put back into A-1 Condition. Metal finishing Hot Oxide Bluing Slow Rust Bluing Browning Bead Blast Stainless Steel Parkerizing Color Case Hardening Camouflage Stock work Build custom stock. Wood finishing Re cut checkering Custom bedding barrel and action Install Recoil pad Install sling swivels Install recoil reducer Inletting and finishing of semi finished stocks Fit, bed and finish fiberglass stock blank Camouflage paint stock Install adjustable comb hardware   General barrel, action and rifle work Install liner in barrel Cut and crown barrel Muzzle brakes Chamber and fit barrel to action Safeties, installing Triggers installation or adjustment Shotgun work Long forcing cone Raise dent in barrel Straighten or adjust barrel Open or modify choke install screw-in choke Port barrel   Sight work Sight in customer Firearm Pattern Shotgun Drill & Tap barrel or receiver for sights Cut dovetail in barrel Scope mounting Boar sighting